• 6.8 fl oz fragranced with the sophisticated Kakadu Plum + Amber luxury fragrance infused with renewable coconut oil designed for optimal fragrance throw. Sugared plum, citrus, and bergamot combines nicely with notes of raspberry and rhubarb jam. Dried jasmine blossoms serves to elevate this blend, while the natural stress reliever of amethyst adds a unique aesthetic. Arrives with 8 12" black rattan reeds designed ffor superior scent throw. Explore your wanderlust today!



    Luxe Reed Diffuser

    • Top: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Bergamot

      Middle: Rhubarb Jam, Jasmine Petals, Raspberry

      Base: Amber, Sugar Plum

      Contains Essential Oils of Orange from Canada, Lemon from USA, Lime from Canada, Mandarin from Italy, Lemon from Taiwan & USA, Orange Peel from USA, Petitgrain from Paraguay, Grapefruit from USA.

      All of our reed diffusers are formulated with no phthalates or parabens and less than 1% VOC content + Vegan + Max Fragrance Load: 40% + GMO free + Free of Allergens + Free of Prop 65 Ingredients.


      - DO NOT ingest Reed Diffuser liquid. Due to the isopropyl alcohol content, swallowing can cause drowsiness, tremors or seizures, stomach upset, and mouth irritation. Reeds can become lodged in nose or mouth or may cause serious injury. If ingested, contact poison control IMMEDIATELY at (800) 222-1222.

      - Avoid placing Reed Diffuser in areas where the bottle can be knocked over and curious children and pets may be tempted to ingest the liquid.

      - Reed Diffuser liquid may damage wood and pourous surfaces if spilled.