• Our room and linen sprays are the perfect non-toxic way to freshen your home daily.

    - Spritz throughout the house, on pet bedding, in the car, in gym bags or anywhere that needs refreshing.
    - Spritz on a wash cloth and toss in dryer.
    - Spritz on air conditioner filters & the scent will permeate through the home.

    - Spritz on linen and bedding for a clean fresh scent


    This product is 100% natural! The natural organic base is mixed with premium fragrance and essential oils so expect that some seperation may occur. No worries! Vigorously shake and spray before each use to promote maximum diffusion into your room. We use clear glass bottles so you can actuallyy see what is in your product!


    Luxurious Room + Linen Spray

    • DO NOT spray on animals. 100% evaporation at room temp

      -KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. If ingested, contact poison control immediately.

      -NOT for use as a body spray.


    • Ingredients: 

      Organic Sugarcane Alcohol + Wildcrafted Witch Hazel

      Organic Gluten-Free + Non-GMO Grain Alcohol

      The Benefits:

      Enviornmentally friendly



      100% Natural + Pure

      Gentle on Skin