• Ethically sourced high resin Peruvian Palo Santo (holy wood) smudging sticks. Start your smudging ritual with a clear and simple intention, light the stick, and walk throughout your space as you fan the smoke clearing away negative energy. Relight as necessary.


    Sustainably harvested from local communities in Peru, ensuring the continued support of the social and economic welfare of local communities.


    ~ Each bundle contains 3 sticks (sizes may differ slightly in length and color).

    Palo Santo Smudge Stick

    • ~ Do not burn dried lemon slice or wrapping cord.


    • ~ Set a clear and simple intention.

      ~ Light your Palo Santo stick  allowing it to burn for a minute

      ~ Waft the fragrant smoke anywhere you desire to be cleared of negative energies.

      ~ Once cleared, you may place the stick in an incense burner, glass, clay, or metal bowl and allow it to smolder and burn out.

      ~ Do Not Store until absolutely sure stick has been extingushed.