An upscale take on fragrance diffusers. Our Luxe Essenza vessel takes center stage in your decor. Walk into any room and let your first impression be your best impression.



Essenza Luxe Reed Diffuser

  • Tropical Quince + Coconut Water

    Top: Jasmine, Green Foliage, Quince

    Middle: Passionflower, Gardenia, Muguet

    Base: Galbanum, Vanilla, Coconut


    Lime Sangria + Guava Blossoms

    Top: Currant, Orange, Lime, Guava

    Middle: Nectarine, White plum, Bellflower

    Base: Agave woods, Amber, Passionfruit


    All of our reed diffusers are formulated with NO phthalates, parabens, mutagens, carcinogens, acute toxins, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, and animal testing. Contains less than 1% VOC content, VEGAN + GMO FREE.


    - DO NOT ingest Reed Diffuser liquid. Due to the isopropyl alcohol content, swallowing can cause drowsiness, tremors or seizures, stomach upset, and mouth irritation. Reeds can become lodged in nose or mouth or may cause serious injury. If ingested, contact poison control IMMEDIATELY at (800) 222-1222.

    - Avoid placing Reed Diffuser in areas where the bottle can be knocked over and curious children and pets may be tempted to ingest the liquid.

    - Reed Diffuser liquid may damage wood and pourous surfaces if spilled.