Day 2 Juice Fast

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Yesterday was interesting to say the least. I expected to have a headache but surprisingly I got through the day with just a slight “full” feeling in my head. I mostly felt tired, like I just laid around all day watching movies. I was really annoyed too, more than usual lol. I could barely stand to scroll through social media to see all the meaningless posts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not meaningless most days, but yesterday I had a particular strong annoyance with it. The inflammation was another strange development I wouldn’t have expected. My fingers, and ankles was notably swollen, even after drinking the wretched water lol. I have a hard time drinking water and should get an a+ for trying. Well, starting day 2 today. I'm excited to see what develops today.

Oh, by the way, the dreams I had last night was so vivid! I usually have very in depth dreams but this was next level!

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