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By Farley

Aromatherapy to soothe your soul

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Ladies, let's face it. Not a minute goes by where your input is not needed. Whether it's your boss, your little one, or your big one (hubby *wink*), us women don't have much time carved out that's just for taking care of our needs. So, I say let's take back our power and our time! even if it's just for a few precious moments a day. Noveltee By Farley is a labor of love. Our home fragrance products are hand made by a tired overworked woman for other tired overworked women. I understand you. I get you. I am you. Experience our aromatherapy and soothe your beautiful soul.


"I have ordered a total of 7 candles in 2 separate shipments and I love each and every candle. All of them smell wonderful and I will definitely tell all of my family and friends about Novelteebyfarley"



"I heard about This company from Tabitha Brown and she raved..well it was absolutely worth the scents are wonderful." -Nicole

"Love, love, love this Gardenia Tuberose! Perfect amount of scent to fill a room with this beautiful fragrance!!!" -Amy

"Just wanted to remark that her candles are LOVELY! bought several from her last year and gave them to some very lucky people for Christmas." -Phyllis


"I don't normally write reviews, but I just had to for this up and coming business. The candles smell amazing! I use to buy B&BW candles, but I started having a reaction to them when I burned them. I eventually switched to wax melts only until I found this company. These clean ingredients allowed me to burn candles without any reactions! I don't miss my old candles at all! Clean and natural is always best!" -Crystal

"I purchased this candle months ago and have been using it since. The customer service I received was very kind, helpful, and fast. The scent is great, chocolate sorts of things in products usually smell grossly artificial but this one is really nice. The wick burns slow enough to last me a long time.The tin and label are very pretty, smooth, and not bulky so I can easily store it without taking up too much room and I don’t have to worry about it breaking since it isn’t glass!!" -Maxwell


"This is my favorite candle!! Smells wonderful. You have a repeat customer for life." -Veronica

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